Very special bookmarks


To celebrate the Book Day / Saint George’s Day or to make reading a real adventure, in today’s handicraft we will show you how to make very original bookmarks, step by step. We were inspired by the  legend of Saint George, so we made a dragon, a princess and a prince, but you can make any characters you want, following the basic steps.


Apli origami paper, DIY collection.

Apli coloured cardboard

APLI scissors

APLI cutter

APLI white glue

materiales jordi


Step 1

Take two different sheets of coloured 15×15 paper  and stick them together so that when you fold them you will get two different colours. We have chosen green and yellow for the dragon.

You can see the following steps in this video:

Here we show you as well:

Step 2

Mark and fold the vertical, horizontal and diagonal corners of the square.

Step 3

Join the opposite corners as you can see in the video, until you form a figure and flatten it. You will obtain a smaller square.

Step 4

Fold the smaller corners of the inside of the square inwards.

Step 5

Now fold one of the large corners inwards and you will obtain the skeleton of the bookmark. The corner of the page will be inserted into the opening.

Step 6

Now you can apply the chosen theme to the bookmark. Download character templates here

plantillas jordi

Step 7

Print, trace on an Apli paper, cut out and stick onto the skeleton you have, so it looks like this:


APLI-InsidePost_691x433 pxjordi



princesa insider



dragon insider

Do you know the legend of Saint George? 

Saint George, the knight, stops a dragon devouring the princess by killing it with his sword. The blood from the dragon’s wound falls to the ground and gives life to a beautiful rose bush. The knight takes a rose and gives it to the princess.  This is the reason why on the Day of Saint George, the tradition is to give roses and, as it is the Book Day, to give books as well!

We hope you liked the legend and the handicraft. Now you can give a book with an additional gift, a bookmark made with your own hands, and with the help of your kids!




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