Mosaics to make



Here are the new ApliKids mosaic models! If you have already done the seahorse at home and had a great time with the mermaid, here are five more ideas for your children to have a great time as well as developing their dexterity… and patience!

Each of the boxes has two templates with different illustrations of the same theme. For example, a giraffe and a lion for the jungle, a zeppelin and a rocket for means of transport …

But, let’s see what’s inside!


As you can see, each box contains two templates and a sample to see how it will look when the mosaic is finished. There are also pieces of pre-cut adhesive EVA foam so they can locate each piece easily.


You only have to put each piece of EVA foam on the corresponding square, according to the dot that indicates the correct color.


So, with patience and care your rocket will be able to fly to the end of the universe, or even further!


What do you think of our new mosaics? Which one did you like best?

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