Let’s colour and decorate!


How can you decorate your children’s room? We can answer this with another question … How about letting them do it?


The child’s room is an ideal space to create and play. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own space, isn’t it? This applies to children as well.

They spend many hours playing in their room, alone or with friends, brothers and sisters, etc. Therefore, to give them freedom and the tools to express themselves and transform it to their taste (within certain limits, of course!) is a way to make them feel comfortable and enjoy it as much as possible.

One way to give them this creative freedom is to let them decorate the room, and our posters for colouring are ideal for this.


They are very easy to put up and have drawings of all sorts to colour: robots, animals, buildings, lots of things!  They can be coloured with wooden pencils, felt tip pens, crayons or watercolours. In addition, the children are delighted when they find out that for the first time… they can paint the walls!



You can decorate as you like and turn the activity into a family plan in which everyone paints a piece. Your children will feel that you trust them, proposing an activity that is usually for the “grownups”, like Decorating a room. So, share out tasks, colour without limits and decorate while playing.



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