Learn while playing with APLI Education


Little ones have a voracious appetite to learn about everything. Asking the reason for everything. And all the “why” questions. What is this colour called? Look, I can count to 10! We at APLI are giving parents and teachers a helping hand with the new APLI Education range to allow kids to learn, satisfy their curiosity and develop different skills that will help them in the future while they have great fun playing.

Letters, numbers, and transparent pieces

Learning the alphabet and how to count is one of the first skills learnt at school. The transparent plastic numbers help kids to learn to distinguish between different numbers and to make sequences, to count, to classify using the coloured pieces. The coloured letters will give them an introduction to reading and writing to begin to form their first words. These games develop their mathematical intelligence and linguistic skills, helping them to understand and use numbers and letters, communication and reasoning.

numeros, letras APLI Education 2


Sewing games

This type of game helps children develop fine or spatial vision skills, which help them in simple and day to day activities such as tying laces, eating, getting dressed, etc. It also helps them to work on patience and improve their concentration, helping them to focus on the activity they are doing, as well as to stimulate their creativity.



Coloured pallets

There is no better way to learn than seeing it for yourself! The transparent plastic coloured pallets allow children to learn the basic colours and the ones that they can get when mixing them. Add the yellow pallet to the blue one and… we get green! These games encourage them to develop their scientific intelligence and make kids aware of their surrounding environment.



Magnetic whiteboard

The kids will love drawing with this magnetic whiteboard, trying to copy the sample drawings or inventing their own designs. All they need to do is draw on the whiteboard with the pencil for the small magnets to lift up and form drawings. A very useful tool to help develop memory, perception of shapes, concentration and even promote maths skills by counting the magnets when following the sample drawings. A complete activity!




Rings and plastic clips

These two products that are widely used in schools, help develop a wide range of skills for little ones whilst they have fun creating chains with the rings or by selecting the clips. These activities promote the development of logic and imagination, cause and effect experimentation, the perception of shapes and they work on the involvement of kids in group dynamics and their communication skills and relationship with other kids.


anillas 2



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