Your hands, a real treasure.



Did you know that your hands are the main input of information for the brain? Several studies have been carried out by neuroscientists, who since the 1960s have proven the crucial role of manual activities in learning, brain development and memory consolidation.

It is proven that when you write, knit a scarf or assemble a piece of furniture, you stimulate several areas of the brain that are distant from each other. Stimulating not only neurons related to movement, but others that are related to visual and auditive areas. But what is more incredible is that to carry out a manual activity at the same time as you listen or try to learn something makes you learn better.

One American teacher in a prestigious business school made the students knit a scarf while he was teaching. The pupils say that today it is the subject they remember best. Incredible, isn’t it?

Therefore, we should not be surprised that something written by hand sticks in your memory better than something written on a keyboard. Or that there are schools where kneading dough or moulding wax are activities done to facilitate mathematical learning.

In APLI Kids, we love to do our bit to create and manufacture tools that make hands the main actors. Here are 7 of our best products to knit, mould and create with your hands.

Fun Dough: A sort of plasticine that does not stain or leave marks. It is light and flexible, does not crack, does not contain gluten or any of the common allergens. It dries in the air and does not need an oven or microwave, as well as enabling you to achieve an infinite number of colours by mixing the different tones.



Balls of wool. In different colours, including fluorescent. Fantastic to make pompoms, scarfs or anything else you can think of.


Origami paper. Plain or with patterns, our Origami paper measuring 15×15 cm is perfect for spending time concentrated, developing patience and creating spectacular shapes.


EVA rubber EVA rubber is ideal for handicraft at home as well as at school. It is easy to cut, stick and paint. It is also waterproof and heat mouldable. A basic material to make fofucha dolls, masks, crowns and many more things.


Funny Pencils: Die cut felt shapes and stickers with holes to sew the different pieces and create perfect accessories to decorate pencils and ball pens. Indispensable to give a touch of personality to your child’s school material.


Craft Kits: Mini handicraft activities to make in a short time and perfect for children, who will not get tired of them. They contain all the materials needed, such as pipe cleaners, pre-cut pieces of EVA rubber, pompoms or wool to create different characters such as super heroes, pirates, dancers or robots.

mini kits craft kits

Magic Plastic: This material is really magical. If you paint it, cut it, put it in the oven for 1-2 minutes and add the accessories you want, you can create 3D designs for bracelets and accessories.



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