The latest trend for this summer: Ice lolly-Chalks!


In summer children normally spend more time outdoors enjoying the good weather and refreshing themselves with their favourite ice creams. How about joining these two typical summer activities? Here is the latest DIY trend for this summer: Ice lolly-Chalks! Perfect for your artist-kids and to have a great time making something that is very experimental. They´ll love them!

You need the following materials:

 -APLI lollipop sticks.


-Different coloured tempera paints

-Very cold water

-Disposable plastic cups

-A silicon or similar type mould.


Step 1:

Fill the plastic cups up to one third of their capacity with freezing cold water. It must be very cold, so cool it for a while with ice.




Step 2:

Pour different colours of tempera paint into each cup and stir well with the APLI lollipop sticks.


Step 3:

Pour plaster into the cups up to two thirds of their capacity. Stir well so there are no lumps and it has a texture like yoghurt mousse.


Step 4:

Put each coloured mixture into a mould. This mould can be silicone or like the one we used here, which is typical for making ice lollies at home.


Step 5:

Insert the APLI lollipop sticks and let them dry in the sun for a few hours. It is recommended to leave them for 24 hours to ensure that the plaster is perfectly dry.

A tip: Do not pour any leftover mixture down the drain in the sink, as it could solidify and block it.


Step 6:

Once dry, take the lolly pops out of the moulds carefully and…voilà! Your children can play and enjoy themselves this summer with different and original chalks.




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