If we are talking about creating…


With our paper, card and corrugated cardboard there are no limits.


One often doesn’t realise all the things that can be created with the simplest ingredients. In this blog post, we invite you to give free reign to your imagination and enjoy an afternoon with the children just doing handicraft, inventions and games.   

Paper and more paper

Thematic, printed, coloured, metallic, with textures, patterned, for scrapbooking. If we are talking about paper, APLI has it all, and for this reason, you can do countless handicraft activities: like these juice umbrellas, or creating kitchens and thousands of things drawing on blackboard paper, making windmills with coloured paper as well as making invitations and special letters.


Card and cardboard

The same can be said about card, the possibilities for handicraft are endless. And as it comes in white, different colours and in different sizes, you can create without limits, like those coloured ice creams, your own pet and even accessories for dressing up!


Corrugated cardboard has many more uses than just for making packaging. Thanks to its texture and colours, you can do all sorts of things with this type of material, like this beautiful flower or the hair of this witch.


As well as a pet, a flower, a windmill or whatever you want to create with your children, you will also have the satisfaction and pride of making it with your own hands and imagination. And that sensation is priceless!



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Mother's day
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