Ice cream sticks: a world to build


Ice cream sticks: A world to build


How can you make so many so many different things with something so simple! Today’s craft tip will show you how to make all the shapes and figures you can imagine with ice cream sticks. We will show you how to begin, step by step.


  • APLI coloured wooden sticks (You can use sticks of different sizes)
  • APLI scissors
  • APLI fastening tape (Velcro type) in circles or in strips for cutting
  • APLI stickers (optional)


If you have fastening tape (Velcro type) at home, cut it into small strips and then cut these strips into small rectangles or squares. If you have the fastening circles, it is not necessary to cut them, just look at the following step.




Stick one side of fastening tape onto the end of the ice cream stick and the other to the other end. Do this with several ice cream sticks to make many figures!

If you want, you can also glue fasteners to the centre of the sticks to have more possibilities to make what you want with your children.



You can decorate the sticks with stickers, to make them even more original.




Now you have several ice cream sticks with fasteners and decorated with stickers, you just have to join them and start building. Bear in mind that you must join the “female” Velcro of one ice cream stick to “male” of another. You can make geometrical figures or anything that comes to your imagination.


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