How can you have lots of fun with so little?


The answer: Thematic stickers.

With animals, fruit, faces, letters, space, the city… the list is never-ending, as is the creativity to play with them.

Reading these 4 anecdotes involving children, parents and stickers, you will understand why we say that regarding stickers, imagination is limitless.


#1. If it’s on the TV, it moves!

My daughter covered the TV screen with stickers and when I asked her why she had done that, she answered “I wanted to see the animals running on the telly”. It makes sense, ha, ha, luckily, they are really easy to remove. - Marta and Sofía.


#2. Nobody touch my stickers

In the living room, there is a table with decorations that should not be touched (because they are made of glass and can get broken). Not long ago, I found my son’s stickers with the decorations and asked him to put them away where they should be, and he answered: “they’re there because I don’t want anyone to touch them”. He had a point there… - Lydia and Lluna

#3. Give me colour!

We have a corridor at home with black and white photos. After covering all the photos with coloured stickers, my son told me: “mummy, now I need some new stickers to play with, I had to use the ones you bought me on the photos in the corridor, because they had lost their colour”. - Patricia and Cloe


#4. I’m cooking today

Last night, I was going to serve the food and I found the plates full of fruit and vegetable stickers. When I asked my 3-year-old son why he had done that, he said: Because I’m cooking today. A genius, he made me laugh a lot and what’s more, he made us a very healthy meal. All fruit and vegetables! – Alberto and Lucas.


These are just some anecdotes with stickers. You are sure to have many others with your children. Tell us about them below, and if you want, we will include them in the next blog post.

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