Hi, paper fans!


If, when you pass by a stationers or bookshop, you are the sort of person who can’t help going in. If you are interested in paper, notebooks, pens, original adhesive notes, those types of things, you are going to like this post.


Clear a table top in your house to get to know the whole collection of “Paper things”. We have created an entire line that you will immediately fall in love with, here are 6 ideas to do with these things. Alone or with your children, for someone else, for yourself, for friends or for the whole family.


If you are going to make a present, for example, stick a deco sticker with an inspiring message: Special Day, For you, Make it happen or personalise it with the adhesive letters.



Let’s dream, play and make memories together! Notebooks and ball pens to begin dreaming of their own project, or writing a diary for your children as a present for when they grow up.



If you are thinking about giving someone (or yourself) a book, we suggest adding some charming page markers to mark your favourite pages.



If you are going to place you kids’ drawings on the fridge or leave a special note, look at these cute inspiring magnets.



And how about highlighting special messages for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for the grandparents, etc., with fluorescent sticks?

In Apli, we are delighted with this new line, if you like them as well, make a “Paper things” corner at home and leave the whole collection out to create and make everyday things more beautiful.

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