Having fun at home!


When you have interesting ideas to play and share with the family, staying at home with the kids is a good plan. Today’s post tells you about the best DIY games to enjoy at home.


Giraffes, glitter and lots more!

This EVA rubber mosaic, inspired in the African savanna, comes with sheets to fill in with adhesive pre-cut EVA rubber in different colours, to create your favourite mosaics.


The most beautiful flower

If your children like flowers, this EVA rubber “Flower” mosaic is brilliant. It contains 2 sheets with illustrations and it’s very colourful.


Create and decorate

With the Funny Pencils kit, you will be able to create figures with felt and decorate your pencils or whatever you want with marine animals. The box contains all the material necessary to create 3 felt figures.


Sand pictures

Uncover the adhesive on the card, spread the sand with the tool included and discover the animals. No glue is necessary and the sand comes in different colours: brown, grey, green, blue, light green, light blue, sky blue, orange, yellow and red.


Now you know them, which do you think your children will like best?

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