Wrapping Christmas presents


Washi tape power!

How to do a lot with a little. And we are not just talking about few things, but also using little time. The festive season is pure emotion, but it is also intense: buying presents, organizing where you celebrate and with who, what to eat, finishing your office work, the company dinner, children’s school activities etc. And although we are tempted to make wrappers like those published in Pinterest, it’s the last thing you think of.

Here are 5 ideas to wrap your presents in a creative, pretty, personalized manner. It will only take you a minute. Using APLI’s washi tape and a piece of neutral wrapping paper, you’ll have the prettiest presents inside as well as on the outside.

Christmas tree

Cut and stick the washi tape in the shape of a Christmas tree. Your presents will be decorated in 30 seconds! We use the golden flake and the Christmas tree tape.


Shapes: present

With your favourite washi tape, you can make whatever shape you want. In this case we made a very cool present.



Choose different washi tapes, take APLI hemp cord and stick the tapes around the cord, cut a triangle into the end of the banners and it’s done. Now you just have to wrap the present with the cord. We used the golden flake, stars, the Christmas tree and golden hearts tapes.


Christmas messages

There is no better way to personalise your presents than with messages dedicated to the recipient. With APLI’s washi tape blackboard you can write whatever you want and if you combine it with other washi tapes, you will obtain wrappings like these. We used the golden hearts.

interior 2

And finally, you can choose the simplest of all, the classic two parallel tapes design. Minimalist but charming decoration.

These are just some ideas for wrapping presents. You can let loose your imagination and do whatever you want with washi tape. Happy festivities, we hope you make fairy-tale presents.


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