Dressy Bond, the DIY costume revolution


Get back home tired after the day’s work, prepare the kid’s bath, plan what to make for dinner and, if that isn’t enough, finish your daughter’s costume for tomorrow! And you always think: “Next time I’ll buy one…”. But, of course, you are of the opinion that handmade costumes are special, they have something that a retail costume hasn’t got. And here you are, once again, late at night, with a smile on your face, but dead tired.

For all of you who identify with the above, we invite you to discover Dressy Bond, a new material by Apli, similar to cloth, which you can cut, stick, paint, decorate and create totally customized costumes. Dressy Bond has the characteristics of soft cloth, breathable, tough, washable, water repellent and recyclable. In addition, you have lots of different colors to choose from and combine. You must try them out for your next DIY costume! It can be purchased here.

These are some costumes made with Dressy Bond in our handicraft blog:





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