Let your children express themselves freely!



It is obvious that artistic expression is highly beneficial for a child´s development and growth. Disciplines such as music, dance and painting are a part, to a greater or lesser extent, of a child´s school or extra-curricular routine during the year.

And they are highly positive, but sometimes, perhaps, they are given in too conventional a manner and with too many didactic pre-established goals. Therefore, the holidays, we think, could be a perfect time to give free rein to their artistic expression, without any external expectations.

Good artistic education enables children to express what they feel, develop their own creative capacity and have a powerful tool for their emotional balance.

Here are 3 ideas to encourage their free artistic expression during summer afternoons:

1/ Play dressed up and become a character:

Clothes you no longer use, shoes you don’t wear or even a tablecloth can be used for your child to play at being someone else. It is not just dressing up and continuing to act in the same manner, but rather encouraging them to speak in a different way, move imitating the gestures of the character they are playing and acting out a story you suggest to them or which they invent. You can also give them a historical character, Chaplin for example, show them some videos and encourage them to become one of the most important comedians in history. This is a way to promote their creativity, corporal expression and to learn about important historical characters.



2/ Paint and draw freely:

Spread a roll of white paper on the floor, big enough for children to sit and walk freely on it. This will be their super canvas! Give them a word that refers to an abstract concept (friendship, freedom, love, etc.) In APLI Kids, we have rollers, stamps, sponges and color sticks that are perfect for this activity. We also have 4 metre adhesive rolls  to colour with different illustrations and themes (sea world, magic forest, transport, etc.) if you want something a little more controlled. They will be perfect to decorate their bedroom this summer.






3/ Tell them stories about great creators:

It is never too early for children to learn the stories behind the great historical creators. It is not necessary to wait for secondary school for them to learn who Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso or Van Gogh were. Their life stories are very interesting and full of passion to achieve a goal. Of course, they have to be adapted to the language of children, so we propose telling the story as if it were a tale. In addition, you can leave the end open, so they can finish it using their imagination. This is a perfect activity for summer nights, when it gets cooler, before going to bed.




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