Let’s learn how to speak in public!



Speaking in public is not easy, even for adults – especially if you are not used to doing it. Kids, particularly shy ones, find it very difficult. Situations like speaking in front of the class can be very, very trying for them.

How can we help them? Here are some proposals to put this into practice both at school and at home!



Creating and, above all, performing theatre plays at home, before the family or at school with school mates will help them overcome their fear of speaking in public and contribute to their self-confidence and self-esteem. Going out on stage will become a challenge they have passed and if they also receive applause … success will be guaranteed! And if they are still a bit reluctant? ApliKids masks or costumes can help them to create their characters … and have an even better time! 




Encouraging them to tell a story out loud is a good way to help them lose their shyness and practice their verbal skills. A traditional tale or even an invented one can be of help. What about helping them with the ApliKids’ tales of the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood? They will have a stage, reusable stickers and finger puppets to tell each story … or invent an even better one!




There’s nothing better to overcome shyness that to act the beast! This icebreaking activity is common in actors’ schools, so it’s not going to fail! Ask the children, one by one, to imitate an animal. A lion, an elephant, a tiger… they may seem to be more self-conscious initially, but as soon as they feel at ease and confident… they will begin to have a rooooaring time and feel no shyness at all! Would you like a bit of help? Try our ApliKids animal masks!

Do you know any other tricks?

We are all ears!


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