Animal love



You know kids love animals. Whether they have pets at home or not, children are attracted by creatures, whatever their origin and size may be and regardless of whether they are real or imaginary. Who hasn’t dreamt about having an elephant at home or going to school riding on a unicorn?

Even though for them the boundary between fiction and reality is not completely defined, it is always a good time to educate them about the importance of respecting the environment and collaborating in its preservation.

Here are some proposals for their environmental education to begin at home. With a bit of help from ApliKids. 

ApliKids World Map


Why don’t penguins live in Mallorca? Making this puzzle will help you to talk to your kid about the conditions some animals need to live in freedom and why is it important for their habitats to be properly preserved.

Party Animals Balloons


Can a fox and a polar bear go out partying? Of course they can! Party Animals balloons by ApliKids is not just a very simple handicraft activity to decorate any party or location… they can also be used as amusing puppets to create real or imaginary stories between the animals in your everyday life!


Farm animal rubber stamps


What came first, the chicken or the egg? These farm animal rubber stamps are a fantastic excuse to talk to the kits about the origin of some types of food and how some friendly animals, like cows, help us to enjoy delicious food. Holy cow!


Animals metal box

InsidePost_caja gomets0

If the puzzle tells you where some animals come from, this thematic box with animals can do the opposite. Suggest that they complete the sheet with the stickers and ask them questions to find out what they know about each animal. Then you can find more information in books or on the internet to learn about the habitat of each animal, how and where they live.


Animal Prints


This game is sure to leave its mark! With it, the kids can draw different animals just by seeing their footprints. But, do animals leave footprints? Are the footprints of cats and birds the same? You can suggest solving this question by going to the park or taking advantage of a country outing to try and identify and differentiate them… and even draw them in a field sketchbook!

Did you like our suggestions to learn about and respect the animal kingdom even more? Can you think of any others?

Don’t hesitate to put them into practice and share your ideas with us!

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