A Mother’s Day to remember!


“Original presents for Mother’s Day” is one of the most common search phrases at this time of the year. We invite you to leave the computer for a while and do a bit of DIY.

In this handicraft activity, you will see how to make, step by step, a very original panel with memorabilia for Mother’s Day. It will be a decorative item and will be more valuable than anything you can buy, because you and your children made it by hand, and with your heart!

You can make it with your children as a gift for your own mother, or… Attention fathers!: you can make it with your kids to surprise mother on her Day.


Handicraft: Mother’s Day Panel with memorabilia.


2 bags containing 100 nails each (2 x 30mm long)

2 balls of APLI wool in different colours

1 hammer

1 pair of APLI scissors

APLI adhesive tape

1 piece of esparto rope

1 pack of APLI DIY mini clothes pegs

8 small Polaroid photos

3 letter and heart templates

1 wooden board 80×40 cm approx.


Step 1:

Download the templates here, print them and cut them out. You will need an A3 printer to print them the right size.  Stick them onto the wooden board with some adhesive tape.


Step 2:

Start to hammer in the nails carefully. The idea is to keep them as straight as possible and at equal distance from each other. This step will take some time, it is a bit fiddly. A tip: when making the heart, begin from the centre to get a more symmetrical result.



Step 3:

Once all the nails have been hammered in, take the end of the Apli ball of coloured wool and tie it to one of the nails, preferably in a corner, with a small  knot. Start to wind the wool around the letter. Initially making the outline and then winding the wool around the different nails without leaving empty spaces. You can wind the wool as you like, the idea is not to have empty spaces. It depends on your taste, perhaps you like it thicker or perhaps you want to see the wooden board underneath, you decide!






Step 4:

Finally, hammer in two nails, one at each top corner of the board and tie a piece of wool between them. If you can make little bows at each end it will look more finished and prettier.


Step 5:

Now you just have to attach the memorabilia with Apli pegs. Distribute the things evenly along the line and wait for your mother to see it, she will surely shed a little tear of joy.



Ah! If you want, you can also fit a cord on the back to hang it up. And that’s it, ready to give, hang up, decorate and surprise!

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