A heart of hearts


Valentine’s Day is already here! Sweets, flowers, perfumes, accessories and romantic dinners are the most traditional gifts at this time. And although it’s always brilliant to get a present, you don’t need to go out shopping to prove how much you love someone. A handcrafted present, made with the heart can have even more value than something material.

In this post, we offer you an original idea so that, even if you have bought something for your loved one, you can surprise them with an idea you made. This is a heart made up from little hearts. It is very easy and quick to make, you only need Heart-shaped Cupid adhesive notes, a wall or a door and give free reign to romanticism.

Choose a flat surface, preferably white or in a neutral colour. Start by sticking the hearts one by one, as in the photos (you will need 31). Because they are adhesive notes, you don’t have to worry about staining the wall.




When the 31 adhesive notes are stuck, you will have made the heart.


You can also write something inspired by love on all or some of the notes, for example: “The reasons I fell in love with you”, and in each of the hearts you can write one reason, or “the most beautiful memories of our love”, etc.

We hope you liked this DIY idea. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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