5 reasons to give APLI Kids for Christmas


You know how important it is to spend time with the children. They need to play to improve their motor coordination and spatial vision, develop creativity and imagination. In this post, we’d like to tell you why we recommend giving APLI Kids as Christmas presents.

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1. Everything for everyone

Children are all different, not only do they have different ages but different things attract their attention. For this reason, variety is key. In APLI Kids, you will find games, toys, costumes, handicraft; with animals, the world, trains, princesses, pirates; to assemble, create, stick together and learn about emotions, mathematics, recycling, fashion, food; with magnets, illustrations, stickers, and hundreds of other things! When we say everything, we really mean everything.

2. Knowledge for innovation

The only way to launch new toys and games of the highest quality every year is to know the needs of the kids and their parents, and we dedicate passion and time to this.

We participate in the most important toy fair in the world, held in Germany and thousands of homes teach us the importance of excelling with new and better proposals every day.

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3. Learning by playing and playing to learn

Creativity goes hand in hand with education. APLI Kids games and toys help to develop coordination, fine psycho motor skills, problem-solving, recognising shapes, memory and achieving small goals.  

4. Feeding creativity

Means watering the seed of imagination and giving the resources for kids to be able to create their own toys and handicraft. They don’t get everything done for them, we only help to awaken their interest in creating.

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5. Much more than a toy

We are here for you, telling you in our blog about the infinite handicraft options, offering you advice and games, so you can continue sharing what you like most with the kids: to see them play, grow up, imagine and create.

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Giving APLI Kids as a present is always a great idea. Discover, create and play. Everything is possible with APLI Kids.



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