5 experiencias con niños para este verano



It’s been a few days since children hung up the “closed for holidays” sign, and sometimes you may run out of ideas to keep them amused and active. According to several education experts, as important as offering them experiences different to what they are used to during the school period, is to let them get bored or hang out with their friends.

If you want to survive summer with your children, here are 5 different experiences that will make your children cheer: “you rock, mummy!”

1/Make new acquaintances. As you know, it is very important to take advantage of the summer months for your children to interact with other children. But if they can do this outside their usual circle of friends, that’s even better. That’s why summer camps, for example, where children are outside their normal environment, are perfect to do this. When they independently face new relationships, it is a very positive experience, learning things such as emotion management, conflict resolution, new ways of  playing, etc. So now you know, put a summer camp in their lives, and your child’s emotional intelligence will benefit !…



2/ Discover a new place. A new museum, a park where you have never been with them before or an open-air cinema show are some things you can do with your children to get them to experience places where you have not yet taken them. And summer is the  perfect time to do this. Come on, it is always an adventure for the kids.


3/Making things with your own hands. If you are a follower of our handicraft blog, there is not much new we can say about this, but it’s good to remember that encouraging and developing your child’s creative capacity has many emotional and cognitive benefits. In addition, concentrating on a manual activity will teach them that dedication and perseverance have their super rewards; the satisfaction of creating something by themselves, with their own hands. This is priceless. In the main sections of our handicraft blog is a selection of handicraft activities to choose which you would like to do with the children this summer.


Apli Chic


Play Apli  


Apli Decor


Celebrate it


4/ Propose theme nights. To make them feel that every day is different and that you dedicate some time to do an activity together every day, is great. The ideal thing is to do it in the evening or even after dinner, as children go to bed later in summer and this can be the perfect time. In addition, you can avoid the “multi-screen” moments, when each member of the family is absorbed in their favourite TV serial or video game. So, for example, you can propose Monday nights as “children cook” night, Tuesdays as “table top games” night, Wednesdays as “scary story” night, etc. There are as many theme nights as there are families in the world!

5/ Let them get bored! It’s essential and nothing to be worried about. It’s really one of the best sensations they can experience, for one simple reason: When bored, their imagination is stimulated, and it is when they can have the most fantastic and surprising ideas, 100% “Made in Kids”. This means that if there are times when you don’t give them an activity to do, don´t worry, as they can rack their brains to find something to do on their own.

You always feel like doing things in the summer, especially with the family. Enjoy!




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