A few weeks ago, we spoke about the importance of playing for children, as a tool for learning. But, what is the role of adults when the kids are playing?... Read more
You can welcome the coming of Spring with a colourful handicraft activity. Have you ever asked yourself how pom-poms are made? Well, now we’re going to reveal the secret.... Read more
Spending as much time as possible at home and to enjoy watching your children grow is fantastic, but what can you do if you need to work with the children around you, it’s difficult, isn’t it? Here are 9 ideas to keep them occupied... Read more
Are you thinking about a gift for Father’s Day? Here’s an idea that’s pretty and easy to make. A bow tie for the man of the home, so he can look even more handsome.... Read more
It is now well known that there are many types of intelligence. Everyone has different skills and therefore learns in a different manner.... Read more
Do you remember the delightful film UP, where a child and a grandad fly off in a house? Well these coloured balloons soaring upwards have inspired the handicraft for today. What do you think?... Read more
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