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At home, kids can play any game they want and go from one to another without a problem, but it’s different if you go out. You can’t fill your bag with games. You must choose.
The Toy Fair is the most important international fair in the toy, leisure and hobby sector, where the most famous brands of toys in the world come together every year, and APLI Kids will have its important space for the fourth consecutive year.
The power of magnets is infinite, because you can create and combine so many characters, faces, emotions and places in the world that there will be no time for getting bored. Imagination and the will to create are the only limits.
How was this idea, that gets people together around the table for hours, born? There is always an excuse to talk about puzzles, we love them!
Musical instruments are always a great source of learning for children. In addition, if they are handmade and with recycled materials, kids will learn twice as much. How about making one?
Summer is here and you feel like sun, the beach and water games. Today, we’re going to show you how make a super simple toy to blow soap bubbles with fun colours and shapes. You’ll be the kings and queens of the swimming pool!
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