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Summer is here and you feel like sun, the beach and water games. Today, we’re going to show you how make a super simple toy to blow soap bubbles with fun colours and shapes. You’ll be the kings and queens of the swimming pool!
Do you remember your favourite cuddly toy when you were a child? We don’t know if these charming little monsters will become the favourites of the house, but what’s sure is that they’ll have lots of fun making them. Shall we begin?
Today, more than a handcraft, we bring you a game for reunions and parties: A horse race! They’ll have a great time transforming these swimming pool rolls into horses, but they’ll have an even better time making them gallop… Shall we show you how it’s done?
Do you remember when you were at school and used to shoot little paper balls with the plastic tube of a BIC ball pen? Well, this is the same thing, but more sophisticated, although without losing its essence: to have a good time being “naughty” :P
There is nothing better than for the kids to have fun playing with traditional toys and, in addition, if they can make them on their own (even if they may need some help from an adult), they’ll appreciate them much more and have a great time not only playing, but also creating them and practicing manual skills.
Making a handicraft with kids is a great excuse to spend time with them while they learn and have fun. This handicraft is also a game they can later continue playing with, even better! Keep listening as we are going to explain how simple it is to make a ballboy face.
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