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Kids and painting…..a perfect match! Painting is a perfect distraction and relaxing activity for kids, the ideal pastime that is full of benefits.
We are always told that we have to think big for our ideas to become what we wish them to be from the beginning. And that is just what we at APLI have done. Let us present our new XXL Puzzle! A giant puzzle to allow little ones to have fun building a farm or a city anywhere in the house
It’s been a few days since children hung up the “closed for holidays” sign, and sometimes you may run out of ideas to keep them amused and active. According to several education experts, as important as offering them experiences different to what they are used to during the school period, is to let them get bored or hang out with their friends.
Summer is just around the corner and there is no better time for fruit than a nice hot day. For this reason, this handicraft shows you how to make a strawberry with wool to decorate different corners of your house or for you children to play with non-stop.
Sometimes you can get carried away by the temptation of giving your children enormous toys that do many things, when they have a whole world to explore within hand’s reach. The magic of stickers!
One often doesn’t realise all the things that can be created with the simplest ingredients. In this blog post, we invite you to give free reign to your imagination and enjoy an afternoon with the children just doing handicraft, inventions and games.   
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