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At home, kids can play any game they want and go from one to another without a problem, but it’s different if you go out. You can’t fill your bag with games. You must choose.
Get back home tired after the day’s work, prepare the kid’s bath, plan what to make for dinner and, if that isn’t enough, finish your daughter’s costume for tomorrow! And you always think: “Next time I’ll buy one…”.
Do you want your child to be an engineer or mathematician? Make puzzles with them. USA researchers published a study proving that children who spend time putting together puzzles had more spatial skills than those who played other sorts of games.
Here are five more ideas for your children to have a great time as well as developing their dexterity… and patience!
You know kids love animals. Whether they have pets at home or not, children are attracted by creatures, whatever their origin and size may be and regardless of whether they are real or imaginary.
Kids love to be out in the open, and at this time of the year they can be out even more. Here are some ideas for activities you can do with them! 1. Juggling You only need some Apli polystyrene balls, stickers to decorate them with… and you can practice for the family circus! 2…. View Article
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