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There is always something that we just can’t do without. Something that is essential on your little ones’ wish list. Today, we bring you a selection of the best APLI Kids games to give your kids this Christmas. Essentials for this Christmas….
It’s hard to pinpoint what it is about wooden toys that evoke the most cherished memories and moments from our childhood. Their scent, touch and the consistency of their pieces make them especially beautiful and stand the test of time. These are typical games that we all have at home and end up forming part of all our family memories.
In summer children normally spend more time outdoors enjoying the good weather and refreshing themselves with their favourite ice creams. How about joining these two typical summer activities?
Summer is here, and this means that children have school holidays and will be more at home. We all know how good it is to share the best moments in the open air with them, but sometimes it is not possible to make one plan after another to keep the amused.
When you go on holidays, to a friend’s house, a restaurant or travel for a few hours in a car, before starting, do you ask yourself… what games should we take so the children don’t get bored?
In these cold months, you feel like leaving the city and going for walks in the woods, with a scarf up to your nose and hands in your pockets. Today we propose a handicraft that combines elements from nature (pine cones) and APLI materials. So, let’s find a few pine cones and get to work.
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