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It couldn’t be easier because you’re sure to have a shoebox or any other type of box at home that you don’t need and we are going to show you how to give it a second life that you may even like better than the first one… Would you like to make it?
Is it cool to leave little messages on the fridge, isn’t it? You’re sure to love this simple handicraft, which you use practically or play and see who makes the longest word :P
We are in a world where everybody has a camera at hand almost 24 hours a day, but most of the photos we take are forgotten. One way to stop this happening is to print them or take them to get printed. And, in addition, if you make a folding album like the one we will show you today, you can keep it anywhere at home and you’re sure to have all those good moments of life ready to see :D
One thing that we love doing is to get together with our friends and enjoy lunch or a snack together outdoors … And there is nothing better than being able to customise it and organize an original and memorable picnic.
As most of you have most likely not decided what to give your mother for Mother’s Day, we thought give this colourful idea that aside from being easy, will make your mother very happy!
These candle-holders made from tuna cans are going to allow us to recycle this material and provide a very warm atmosphere to your home.
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