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More ideas for Halloween! How about transforming a pumpkin into a terrifying pumpkin, where children can draw their own monsters?
There are only a few days to go before we hear the howl of the wolf, before we scream our heads off at a door slamming in our faces or run out the door when your little ones tell you that they want to dress up for Halloween. Before your little ones come up with any old thing, here are some fun fancy dress ideas that they can try out: a pumpkin!
Just like every other year around this time, this very special night is fast approaching where kids and adults alike celebrate the Night of the Dead or Halloween. Despite being an imported feast day, we have seen it so many times in thousands of American movies that it feels like we have always celebrated it, right? Today, we bring you a handicraft to start getting ready for the scariest night of the year. We will make a few very simple cardboard and felt masks to make even the bravest among us scared.
Tomorrow is Halloween and perhaps you don’t yet know how to do the makeup for your children.
Making Halloween decorations is very easy and fun with this bat and ghost garland. It will look great anywhere at home and will amaze your guests…
We really like Halloween, decorating all the house while having a great time. Here is a super decorative and easy to do handicraft activity…would you like to do it?
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