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We really like Halloween, decorating all the house while having a great time. Here is a super decorative and easy to do handicraft activity…would you like to do it?
Do you remember the super hero who flew like no other and was darker than the night? Well, this Halloween we have decided to bring him back. How about making this Batman costume and unfolding its wings…Batman has returned…
Halloween is coming up and we have the costume that will terrify everyone… How about hiding under a cobweb? And with a friendly spider included… A costume that’s really easy to make and very original.
We love these little ghosts! And we’re sure you will also love them. Although we have used them to make this ghostly garland, you can find other uses, such as a keyring if you make a smaller one or a doll to decorate the kid’s room.
At last! Today is Halloween and we can dress up anyway we like. We just go crazy for the horror classics and there is nothing as classically terrifying as a creature created by doctor Frankenstein.
Trick or Treat? This is what you would say when you call to a door on Halloween. But imagine if a zombie was behind the door? Or a monster? Don´t even mention a vampire!