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With the summer heat, you could spend all day eating fruit, watermelon, pineapple… how about carrying them with you? Here we will show you how to make a little bag that will be sensational for the beach.
There is something irresistible about babies´ feet, you feel like smothering them with kisses. So, we have thought up a handicraft to dress up those sweet little feet. A pair of light and delicate bootees, easy to make and which will care for the baby’s delicate skin.
Do you have to give someone a present made by you and you don’t know what to give? Then pay attention to this easy and amusing handicraft, we’re sure that the receiver will love it ;)
Who hasn’t imagined being Mary Antoinette, walking through the Palace of Versailles carrying a lace fan? Well, we can’t promise that you’ll be tele-transported to those marvellous gardens, but at least the summer will be more bearable…
This party is going to be some event… We even have a photocall! However, we don’t just want to take photos, we also want it to be lots of fun! :D
it is really hot here! That is why we are going to make a nice pay-pay to spend a much cooler summer!