Categoria Fashion

Today, we will present a very simple and quick to make handicraft activity that will personalise and make your backpacks or eco-bags fun. This is so easy that you can do it perfectly with children any summer evening, so they can customise their backpacks for the new school year.
With the summer heat, you could spend all day eating fruit, watermelon, pineapple… how about carrying them with you? Here we will show you how to make a little bag that will be sensational for the beach.
There is something irresistible about babies´ feet, you feel like smothering them with kisses. So, we have thought up a handicraft to dress up those sweet little feet. A pair of light and delicate bootees, easy to make and which will care for the baby’s delicate skin.
Do you have to give someone a present made by you and you don’t know what to give? Then pay attention to this easy and amusing handicraft, we’re sure that the receiver will love it ;)
Who hasn’t imagined being Mary Antoinette, walking through the Palace of Versailles carrying a lace fan? Well, we can’t promise that you’ll be tele-transported to those marvellous gardens, but at least the summer will be more bearable…
This party is going to be some event… We even have a photocall! However, we don’t just want to take photos, we also want it to be lots of fun! :D