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How can you decorate your children’s room? We can answer this with another question … How about letting them do it?
Today, we are going to show you how to make initials that will look great anywhere in the house. And if you make a few of them, you can create words and even sentences…
You can welcome the coming of Spring with a colourful handicraft activity. Have you ever asked yourself how pom-poms are made? Well, now we’re going to reveal the secret.
Do you remember the delightful film UP, where a child and a grandad fly off in a house? Well these coloured balloons soaring upwards have inspired the handicraft for today. What do you think?
Are you having a party and you don’t know how to decorate it? Is there a corner in your room that needs a bit of colour? Look for some scrapbooking or coloured sheets of paper and you’re going to rock.
What sad and grey days we have now, don’t you think? Let’s give the kid’s room a bit of light and colour with a dazzling sun? Pay attention to the steps so you don’t get lost. Ready, steady, go!
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