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It doesn’t matter if 2016 has been a year to remember or rather to forget, it’s coming to an end and the best thing we can do is to welcome 2017 with our biggest smile, because there’s nothing like starting something new with optimism and enthusiasm. Happy smiles in 2017!
Whenever we look at examples of how to wrap up presents in Pinterest or in a handicraft blog, we love them and think that next year, when Christmas is near, we will use some of their ideas… But in the end, when Christmas is coming, we can’t find the time to look up those ideas that we liked so much.
Have you got any pipe cleaners at home? Well, take note, because you only need a few for this original and simple handicraft. You may even be able to make use of these little Christmas trees if you add a label to them, wishing your family and friends a Merry Christmas. What are you waiting for?
Although the nice tradition of sending letters and postcards is being lost, we love the sensation of opening the post box and finding a Christmas card addressed to us. So, even if it is a tradition that seems to be in decline, we recommend you to continue this tradition, the receivers are sure to be thrilled :D
To do handicrafts at Christmas always seems very complicated because it is necessary to use your time for many other things and handicraft always takes much longer than you imagine. But what we’re showing you today couldn’t be easier…
This Christmas we don’t want to leave any detail out. And so we are going to hang our Christmas stocking up at home… and see what presents we get!
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