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Valentine’s Day is already here! Sweets, flowers, perfumes, accessories and romantic dinners are the most traditional gifts at this time. And although it’s always brilliant to get a present, you don’t need to go out shopping to prove how much you love someone. A handcrafted present, made with the heart can have even more value than something material.
There’s no good Carnival festival without a little monster. Today we are going to learn how to make a terrifying dragon’s tail, ideal for the kids to run about with and have fun.
Today, we’ll show you how to make a pirate costume, like always, it will be easy and lots of fun to make with the kids. Would you like to try? Well, let’s get going…
Carnival is coming, and it is one of the most amusing festivities for children. They know they can dress up, put on make-up and become their favourite characters. Animals and princesses are two of the most popular, so, APLIKids has created these two Carnival make-up kits for them.
The grand Carnival festivity is coming, so today we propose some costumes that are very easy to make and highly colourful. With some sheets of coloured card and lots of imagination, you can be the most original person in the party.
Once upon a time, there was a princess called Gala who, like all princesses, lived in her castle. Far from the forest, the city and what she loved most: the sea.
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