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Once upon a time, there was a princess called Gala who, like all princesses, lived in her castle. Far from the forest, the city and what she loved most: the sea.
The Three Wise Men from the East are always the most highly anticiated Christmas characters. The come slowly, crossing the desert and loaded with presents. How about recreating them with three simple toilet paper tubes and APLI’s insuperable materials?
Pretty suitcases, sea animals and art with sand, what do all these things have in common? That they are made by APLI, perfect as an Epiphany gift and for the kids to create, design and play.
At home, kids can play any game they want and go from one to another without a problem, but it’s different if you go out. You can’t fill your bag with games. You must choose.
How to do a lot with a little. And we are not just talking about few things, but also using little time. The festive season is pure emotion, but it is also intense: buying presents, organizing where you celebrate and with who, what to eat, finishing your office work, the company dinner, children’s school activities etc. And although we are tempted to make wrappers like those published in Pinterest, it’s the last thing you think of.
Do you remember “Snowman”? He was alive and had a thousand adventures? Today we will show you how to make a pretty and easy snowman costume. A good costume for Christmas, which the family can make together.
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