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Summer is here… what would summer be without open-air parties, with fruit juices and water balloons? And if, in addition, they are decorated with paper windmills, success is guaranteed.
One of the trendiest super heroines is Lady Bug. Can you imagine turning yourself into her for a day? Today, we are going to show you how to make a Lady Bug costume step-by-step.
Today, we are going to show you how to create a most original disguise. We have chosen one of the favourite forest animals – the owl, which, with its colourful feathers, is going to charm the rest of the animals.
What is a flower without a pretty flowerpot? Mother’s Day is here and we have a very handmade present that she will surely love, a pretty decorated and personalised flowerpot with scrapbooking. Very easy to make and which will look great anywhere at home.
Summer is coming and you feel like open air parties with the family and friends. Good decoration will always liven up any summer event and these paper lanterns are sure to be a success.
Giving books as presents is great, but if you also give them an original bookmark, the gift will be perfect. Today, we’ll show you a bookmark that you can make in a jiffy and it’s so beautiful, how about making one?
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