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The tradition of decorating a tree with different wishes is celebrated in different parts of the world, such as Japan, China, India and even in certain European countries such as Scotland and Ireland. The wish is written on small cards that hang from the branches of a beautiful tree that represents the “Grantor of wishes”.
Christmas is here accompanied by the headaches on how to choose what gift to give your little ones. This very important time of the year can sometimes get out of hand with kids getting so many gifts that they cannot pay as much attention to each of them as they should. They get overwhelmed with so many gifts.
As we already told you a few days ago, we are preparing for Christmas with handicrafts full of Christmas spirit. Today, we bring you a simple reindeer hairband with bells that will not go unnoticed over the holiday season.
There is only a week to go to Christmas Day. Every year we normally have an advent calendar at home that reminds us of how many days are left until this long-awaited moment, especially for kids. Today we are going to make a handicraft, which may seem complicated at first, but that is actually quite simple if you have all the materials at hand and download our templates that will really make your work much easier. Follow these steps and create your own advent calendar
More ideas for Halloween! How about transforming a pumpkin into a terrifying pumpkin, where children can draw their own monsters?
There are only a few days to go before we hear the howl of the wolf, before we scream our heads off at a door slamming in our faces or run out the door when your little ones tell you that they want to dress up for Halloween. Before your little ones come up with any old thing, here are some fun fancy dress ideas that they can try out: a pumpkin!
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