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In these cold months, you feel like leaving the city and going for walks in the woods, with a scarf up to your nose and hands in your pockets. Today we propose a handicraft that combines elements from nature (pine cones) and APLI materials. So, let’s find a few pine cones and get to work.
Not long ago, autumn filled the streets with leaves and colour, how about reproducing them in miniature with felt? In addition, they are beautiful decorations for notebooks, photo frames, etc.
The weekend is coming and it is always good to spend some time entertained with your little ones. And if this involves making a handicraft that you can then use to decorate a corner of your house…even better still!
You must have already seen these a thousand times and asked yourself how they are made. Today, we are going to show you how to make a mini-holder now that everything is coming into bloom and we want to fill our house full of plants now more than ever. Pay attention to the instructions and see how easy it is.
We love simple handicrafts and this one is a cinch. All we need are a few materials…. And the result is great! ;-)
Having plants is great – but remembering to water them is another thing! That is why we like the cactus, which can last a long time without water… especially these ones that do not need it at all. And they are just as cool!