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When it’s hot, you feel like water games, and if, in addition, you do it using recycled objects, it’s even more fun. How about a fishing game with paper cups?
Do you remember Pipi´s horse? The one that walked around the house while Pipi did her things? Well, today we are going to make it in the form of a puppet.
Who said that to do handicraft it is necessary to complicate your life with thousands of products from Mars? We certainly didn’t! What’s more, to do today’s activity, you only need paper, scissors and adhesive tape… Shall we begin?
Sometimes the simplest things you can find at home will help you to have a good time. How about taking some clothes pegs and turning them into these voracious animals!
Trips can go on forever for kids.. and even more if they are excited about going on holidays! This simple game can help them entertain themselves, making up wonderful underwater adventures.
We are going to make a really cool animal to help the younger ones to develop their fine motor skills.