Do you remember your favourite cuddly toy when you were a child? We don’t know if these charming little monsters will become the favourites of the house, but what’s sure is that they’ll have lots of fun making them. Shall we begin?... Read more

Birthday parties, carnival parties, all sorts of celebrations… we love them! But it’s no easy job to organise a children’s party, they are the most difficult of audiences!... Read more

Kids room
You’re going to be gobsmacked when you make these door hangers and the little ones at home will be awed with the result. They’re sure to love putting them on any door around the house. And if they get really enthusiastic, they can even create their own new little animals. So, let’s get to work!... Read more

The art of mosaics is very old, even older than the Roman age, when they became very popular. In classical mosaics, the small pieces that form the mosaic, called tesserae or tiles... Read more

Now the night of the Three Wise Men is coming, perhaps Melchior, Gaspar y Balthazar are a bit stressed up thinking about what to give so many children, right? Apli Kids offers loads of options they’ll love to see under the tree… ... Read more

It doesn’t matter if 2016 has been a year to remember or rather to forget, it’s coming to an end and the best thing we can do is to welcome 2017 with our biggest smile, because there’s nothing like starting something new with optimism and enthusiasm. Happy smiles in 2017!... Read more

The year is coming to an end, and we get a little blue, but hey! 2017 is coming, with 363 opportunities to create projects, handicraft and discover presents full of colour! Do you want some ideas?... Read more

Whenever we look at examples of how to wrap up presents in Pinterest or in a handicraft blog, we love them and think that next year, when Christmas is near, we will use some of their ideas… But in the end, when Christmas is coming, we can’t find the time to look up those ideas that we liked so much.... Read more

Have you tried?

Create fun shapes with Fun Dough! Easy to mix, clean, no cracks. Afterwards its dries and leaves you with really cool figures!
Move up the levels of imagination with Apli felt. Ideal for all types of handicrafts and very easy to use for kids.
Round, triangular, green or purple, an Eskimo or a racing car. Get hooked on the world of Apli stickers
Stick on eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc. If the world of crafts had a red carpet, this is where you would find to their most famous stars