Get back home tired after the day’s work, prepare the kid’s bath, plan what to make for dinner and, if that isn’t enough, finish your daughter’s costume for tomorrow! And you always think: “Next time I’ll buy one…”.... Read more

We really like Halloween, decorating all the house while having a great time. Here is a super decorative and easy to do handicraft activity…would you like to do it?... Read more

You may think Christmas is a long way away, but it’s just around the corner. In a few days you will be making lists of presents for your family and friends… Oh my god, how complicated!... Read more

Do you remember the super hero who flew like no other and was darker than the night? Well, this Halloween we have decided to bring him back. How about making this Batman costume and unfolding its wings…Batman has returned…... Read more

Halloween is coming up and we have the costume that will terrify everyone… How about hiding under a cobweb? And with a friendly spider included… A costume that’s really easy to make and very original.... Read more

Do you want your child to be an engineer or mathematician? Make puzzles with them. USA researchers published a study proving that children who spend time putting together puzzles had more spatial skills than those who played other sorts of games.... Read more

Musical instruments are always a great source of learning for children. In addition, if they are handmade and with recycled materials, kids will learn twice as much. How about making one?... Read more

Here are five more ideas for your children to have a great time as well as developing their dexterity… and patience!... Read more

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