The weekend is coming and it is always good to spend some time entertained with your little ones. And if this involves making a handicraft that you can then use to decorate a corner of your house…even better still!... Read more

Kids room
If you are tired of looking at your dull and boring lamps, we are going to show you how to customise them and give them a colourful new least of life. Keep reading to find out how to make it.... Read more

Other categories
One thing that we love doing is to get together with our friends and enjoy lunch or a snack together outdoors … And there is nothing better than being able to customise it and organize an original and memorable picnic.... Read more

These lovely dinoballoons are very easy to make and kids will love them for parties, their bedroom, or simple just to spend some time having fun while making them! Come and see, everyone is invited!... Read more

There is nothing that we like more than a friend thinking of us and making us a gift, but even more if it is customised….and now we have more reasons that ever to give a big hug whoever gives us a gift!... Read more

As most of you have most likely not decided what to give your mother for Mother’s Day, we thought give this colourful idea that aside from being easy, will make your mother very happy!... Read more

Book Day
Legend has it that the Saint George Rose originated from the love he felt for the princess when he killed the dragon tried to eat his beloved.... Read more

Making a handicraft with kids is a great excuse to spend time with them while they learn and have fun. This handicraft is also a game they can later continue playing with, even better! Keep listening as we are going to explain how simple it is to make a ballboy face.... Read more

Have you tried?

Create fun shapes with Fun Dough! Easy to mix, clean, no cracks. Afterwards its dries and leaves you with really cool figures!
Move up the levels of imagination with Apli felt. Ideal for all types of handicrafts and very easy to use for kids.
Round, triangular, green or purple, an Eskimo or a racing car. Get hooked on the world of Apli stickers
Stick on eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc. If the world of crafts had a red carpet, this is where you would find to their most famous stars