Do you know how near Carnival is? We’re already so nervous! We’ve got everything ready: the parade organised, costumes ready…Well, we´ll tell you what you need to know, and a few tips as well. ... Read more

It’s nice to love, isn’t it? And there’s nothing better than to prove our love day by day to those around us, but we often forget to show it, so it’s great that there’s an international day for Love.... Read more

Kids love dressing up, we know it. It’s one of the things they enjoy most and that’s great, but, did you know that this activity also has lots of benefits for them? ... Read more

Are you tired of always making the same costumes with the typical coloured rubbish bags? Have you tried the dressy bond cloth by APLI? You don’t need to know how to sew and it offers endless possibilities. How about trying with this little witch?... Read more

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Kids room
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When you are preparing a party and you know the topic, who’s coming, what you’re going to eat and the venue, as we explained in the previous post, we can get to work with the next steps... Read more

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