Today we’ll show you how to make a costume that’s original and easy to make. Do you remember David the Gnome? Well, now you can have him at home :-)... Read more

School material
Today, we are going to show you how to make a pencil holder for school material with recycled cans. It will give a fun touch to your desk and, who knows, you may become great friends…... Read more

School material
After a long summer, it’s a bit difficult to get back to the everyday routine of getting up early, long classes… how about cheering everything up with some cool notebooks that are also easy to make?... Read more

School material
Time to return to school, and this year, your kids can be the coolest with this school kit personalised with washi tape. Millions of things can be personalised, and here we give you some simple and cool ideas to become the envy of the class.... Read more

You know kids love animals. Whether they have pets at home or not, children are attracted by creatures, whatever their origin and size may be and regardless of whether they are real or imaginary.... Read more

Kids love to be out in the open, and at this time of the year they can be out even more. Here are some ideas for activities you can do with them! 1. Juggling You only need some Apli polystyrene balls, stickers to decorate them with… and you can practice for the family circus! 2…. View Article... Read more

The spirit of friendship is a fundamental value to develop in children, it will help them become more mature and have emotional stability, now as well as in the future.... Read more

Why not become the shiniest little fish in the sea? Today we will show you how to make a beautiful mermaid’s tail including a top. An ideal costume for summer parties or to walk on the beach, showing off your figure.... Read more

Have you tried?

Create fun shapes with Fun Dough! Easy to mix, clean, no cracks. Afterwards its dries and leaves you with really cool figures!
Move up the levels of imagination with Apli felt. Ideal for all types of handicrafts and very easy to use for kids.
Round, triangular, green or purple, an Eskimo or a racing car. Get hooked on the world of Apli stickers
Stick on eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc. If the world of crafts had a red carpet, this is where you would find to their most famous stars